Sunday, 27 November 2011

Something evidently isn't

The obelisk erupted from the riverbank uncontested.

“Come to me, come to me” it sang for our eager ears.

“What can you possibly have to offer?” we demanded by way of reply.

“Come to me, come to me” it persevered.

“Tell us why” please

“Come to me, come to me” was all it would say on the matter.

Somewhere near the summit were diners whom we knew. I say ‘knew’ for the sake of conversation. I ‘know’ thousands upon thousands, I know dozens, I know none, probably.

We made our way there as the sun sank, taking turns to navigate and to row, but by the time we arrived it was too dark to find a mooring. Pulling against the current we mulled the problem over but no solution presented itself and no sun rose. We held our position until we could no longer do so and then hauled in the oars and laid back to let the water take us.

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