Saturday, 26 November 2011

Flight Ready

"Today I'd like to talk about headroom. The space, previously exclusive, that I now share with selected users on a temporary basis to a greater or lesser extent. The procedure which began with our hitching rides on the minds of celebrities, once we realised that the celebrity we might ourselves attain was no more real, has broken from that petty desire. I suprised myself in embracing the idea.

As Einstein once said when confronted by a bemused sports journalist: "The measure of my mind is mine alone, unfortunately I lack the tools. Were I to find them, I would find myself irresolvably displaced". I paraphrase of course.

When I set off on this journey I mused on how I would continue my life in the presence of these freeloaders. They have paid, of course, yet they freeload on my actions. As has been oft remarked, the issue has never materialized. Self conscious initially, I act and reason as I ever did. I'm saddened to learn that so do they. The me and my actions transpire to have an utterly different relationship than I'd thought. It hurts, strangely enough.

Perhaps the only change is in the process of rationalizing what I've done. Whenever I think "I can't believe I'm doing this", I allow myself an 'out'. Of my achievements, of course, I deny myself this 'out'.

When the moment came to test my fledgling position it passed, or failed. You decide. The test was simple; do the unthinkable. I shot a man in Reno. Yes, a cheap laugh. You laugh now, a knowing laugh, but it's true. By the time this laugh fades and the truth dawns on you I will be gone. This ship which has sailed towards such a terrible task is abandoned by its captain/first mate/chef, whatever. I'll have stowed away on a new vessel, probably oblivious to these facts, oblivious to what I committed, oblivious to what we have lost.

Thank you for listening." A smattering of applause

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