Thursday, 24 November 2011

Notional Salute

Wave to me! Wave to me god damn it. Yeah, that's it. Why so confused? Okay, so you don't know me but I've been jogging this park for a couple of years now and I know you. You're that dj off of the seventies; proper punk man, proper punk. You were mates with one of my favourite bands. Love that film you did. Shame about Joe. Tragic. Don't worry, I'm no stalker, just out for a run.

Mm, she was pretty. Wonder if she'll do another lap or if that's... Fucking hell, is it...yes it is. I follow you on Twitter. Hey, no need to be nervous. We're neighbours, you and me. Love your writing, The thing with the priests is drop dead classic. Shame about Dermot. Tragic. But yeah, love your writing give us a smile. No, not going to look up? Those dogs aren't doing anything. No? Fair enough. I'm just a bloke running, you know?

Might get a steak. Haven't had a steak for weeks. Maybe some boiled spuds and peas. Pretty sure I've earnt it. Not far to g... Hey, that's that singer guy; piano, jazz, pretty girlfriend. What's her name? Cooking and all that. Famous name, shit what is it? What's his for that matter? He's looking at me, knows I recognise him. Yeah, you're on that advert. Shame about the music. Tragic.

I love Kensal. Might get some red wine for the steak. Mmmm....

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