Sunday, 9 October 2011

One in Two

From a young age Philip knew he was special, not in the way that his mother meant but truly special, truly unique. Of course, as he told himself, he knew how unlikely this was. He wasn't so self obsessed and naive as to not realise that every adolescent thinks the same. Regardless, he truly was special.

He was also an eminently sensible child. He decided that to make full use of the uniqueness he'd been gifted he should do his research first, not make any rash decisions. An obvious and convenient start was comic books. A lot was to be learnt there. For example, as necessary as the secret identity might be to protect loved ones, the practicalities in real life would make life especially complicated. Furthermore the heroes of these pieces were constantly being reminded of their shortcomings and never seemed to fulfill their potential. Apprehending muggers and foiling the odd master villain just seemed small fry.

Philip thought big. Someone as special as he should go global. Through school and university he dscovered the complexities of international politics. Undeterred, he never doubted that he was on the cusp of a solution. Poverty and conflict were rife but not insurmountable.

Though the answer remained just around the corner, his university days passed and he secured a safe job which allowed him the flexibility to continue his pursuit. It was during this period that he concluded that there was a prior problem with which to deal. He could only use his special abilities to make the world as it should be if he could first decipher this 'should'.

This realisation was gradual. Half a lifetime had passed unnoticed. There remained time though, for someone as special as he. Someone as special as he would not fail as long as he kept his focus. Someone as special as he could solve it. Someone as special as he could save them all.

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