Wednesday, 19 October 2011

And all Watched the Scarecrows

"...and I'll tell you one thing for cheap: I never expected this. Shit, who would? At the time Jimmy told me the state had a monopoly on the use of force. I said: Who are they? Jimmy said: Me. I laughed at that. Jimmy was always saying this shit. While we're at it, look where he is now.

I marched on the cathedral. I don't know why. It just sprang to mind. I guess I'm stuck in centuries past. Jimmy told me that too. They were awfully nice at the cathedral. I needed no force there. I visited the museums; all peaceful at the V&A. At the Natural History lot's of folk were getting into photography, clutching the past, and the present, to their face. I wondered what this record would tell my grand children. Would they need archeologists and biologists sifting photographs?

I'd heard talk of scuffles on wasteland and motorway madness but this was the stuff of fiction. Not that all was peaceful of course. I don't know. I went to the seats of power, before heading to parliament. That could wait. Peopled by gaian cyborgs, operated with ruthless efficiency, of sorts, I had no in. None of us did. Well, you could resign yourself I guess, and then what?

I wanted to think subterranean but I saw nowhere to go. I wanted to put myself in the centre but I never believed it. I couldn't bring myself to. I wanted something captured in print but that was just the past once again. The past once again. I saw people though. People in love and people in struggle, people shouting and people debating, people singing clutching shotguns. How could you look at that and feel otherwise? I'll never get that. But I never expected this. Shit, who would?"

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